Product sheet Xp4-fiber

For a stable riding surface

Information and application

A good riding arena footing is of pivotal importance for both dressage and jumping horses. The addition of the textile footing XP4-fiber to your riding arena stabilizes sand particles and delivers high elasticity creating a perfect riding surface. By mixing XP4-fiber with the top layer of the sand you will obtain a stable arena surface cushioned to minimize concussion on horse legs, well drained and smooth.


The 4 unique characteristics of XP4-fiber are:

  1. Excellent stability
  2. Improves and balances moisture absorption (longer intervals between watering)
  3. Durable and not harmful for the environment.
  4. Ability to bind to any type of sand.

Besides its excellent stability XP4-fiber improves and balances moisture absorption. Its natural composition (cotton, blend with P.E.T) and its special weave structure allow high water storage capacity as well as good emission and drainage. These unique characteristics guarantee good water storage for a prolonged period of time creating a stable riding arena footing, smooth and just dust-free. XP4-fiber is suitable for laying new arena footing, but also for complementing already existing arena surfaces. Since this textile footing is white in color, mixing it with sand will create a beautiful white or yellow riding surface.

Amound needed

XP4-fiber is suitable for both new and already existing arena surfaces. Depending on the type of sand and soil, for new arena surfaces or for already existing arena surfaces where no footing material is present the amount of XP4-fiber needed is approximately 3,5 to 4 kg per square meter. For existing arena surfaces where a footing material is already present the amount of XP4-fiber needed is approximately 2 to 3 kg per square meter.


The installation of the XP4-fiber is fairly simple. After a careful leveling of the base of the riding area, the required amount of XP4-fiber is mixed with the top layer of approximately 7 to 8 cm. After this step the riding area footing is ready to be used. This new arena footing stabilizes in a very short time after use, in fact riding ensures a thorough mixture between XP4-fiber and the top layer of the riding arena.


XP4-fiber has been thoroughly tested by laboratory leaching tests which showed that this textile footing has no negative effect on the environment.


The XP4-fiber is delivered in big bags or bales, depending on the amount ordered.

Contact and Costs

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